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Important All Members Please Read:
Ok, some members have either: been on the website but not logged in or not been on the website for over a month now.
So, make sure, when you're on the website, you log in!
You can do this by clicking "log in" in the top right hand corner (Main | Registration | Login).
Or you can log in in the login form, which is the first 'box', above the Updates box.
You must do this, otherwise, the website won't know you were on, and your last login date will not be changed.
Note: Once you log in, don't log out, just close your browser - this way, when you open the website again, you should stay logged in - this saves time!
I'm going to send another e-mail to you, and if you don't respond, or you don't log in on the website, drastic action will be taken. This could include removal from [S&D] clan and, later the Slice and Dice website.
Category: Members | Views: 681 | Added by: Tom | Date: 03 Feb 09 | Comments (0)

Wolfburg-NL and BirdWalk-R are our NEW members.
They both play Medal of Honor, please take your time to say hello to them.
Oh, and if you could add the clans tag - [S&D] at the start of your name that would be great.
If you're playing MoH and other people are interested in joining, please give them the website - we need as many people as we can get!
Thanks again for joining.
Category: Members | Views: 573 | Added by: Tom | Date: 22 Dec 08 | Comments (1)

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