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This is the new banner for the Slice and Dice Clan!
If you would like to become friends with us, Contact Us.
Category: Other | Views: 9822 | Added by: Tom | Date: 11 Feb 09 | Comments (2)

Changes to Updates Box:
  • Shows all the latest updated threads - even the Member-Only ones (which didn't show up previously).
  • Colour of the title of the thread has changed.
  • Added the  link, which links straight to the last post
  • New Posts, Rules and Search links.
  • New Users bar - the date the person registered on the website is shown.
All of these changes make for a quicker more interactive experience.
If you have any ideas how I could further improve the Updates Box, feel free to Contact Us, pm me (Tom), or post in the Suggestions Forum. Thanks.
Category: Other | Views: 2433 | Added by: Tom | Date: 08 Feb 09 | Comments (0)

Hi everyone,
Make sure you subscribe to recieve the weekly newsletter straight to your inbox. To subscribe, click here. This takes you to the "Changing personal infomation" page, where you can - "Subscribe to mailing list:" "Newsletter" (Just check the box) and then click "Save" at the bottom of the page. 
To read the full newsletter - click here!
Category: Newsletter | Views: 690 | Added by: Tom | Date: 07 Feb 09 | Comments (0)

Important All Members Please Read:
Ok, some members have either: been on the website but not logged in or not been on the website for over a month now.
So, make sure, when you're on the website, you log in!
You can do this by clicking "log in" in the top right hand corner (Main | Registration | Login).
Or you can log in in the login form, which is the first 'box', above the Updates box.
You must do this, otherwise, the website won't know you were on, and your last login date will not be changed.
Note: Once you log in, don't log out, just close your browser - this way, when you open the website again, you should stay logged in - this saves time!
I'm going to send another e-mail to you, and if you don't respond, or you don't log in on the website, drastic action will be taken. This could include removal from [S&D] clan and, later the Slice and Dice website.
Category: Members | Views: 675 | Added by: Tom | Date: 03 Feb 09 | Comments (0)

Hi everyone,
Changes have been made to our forum, since last week - There is now a General Section, a Games Section and a Members Section (you must be a Member - sign up here)
Our server is doing well, with many people playing in it - more infomation can be found on the Game Tracker page.
Remember to check out the new topics/posts in the forum!
Thanks, everyone!
Category: Newsletter | Views: 648 | Added by: Tom | Date: 31 Jan 09 | Comments (0)

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