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Ok, the new teamspeak server is now:
Please use this one in the future, thanks.
Category: Teamspeak | Views: 623 | Added by: Tom | Date: 15 Jan 09 | Comments (0)

We now have 11 Members! (We could still use more though - sign up here)
The newest of which are Kenzie, Harja and Snoopy. Please take your time to say hello to them. (New members can introduce themselves to everyone here)
Since we have a respectable amount of members (and we have teamspeak) we can start organising clan matches.
I will be trying to do this as soon as possible, but I urge you to be on the lookout for other clan's that would be interested in having a match with us as well.
Also, keep your eye on the memberbook and the upcoming events pages, as we will start organising regular pratice sessions. (Feel free to talk on the memberbook page as well).
Thanks to everyone.
Category: Newsletter | Views: 562 | Added by: Tom | Date: 10 Jan 09 | Comments (0)

Ok everyone, the teamspeak server has changed it is now:
So please use this one in future,
Category: Teamspeak | Views: 608 | Added by: Tom | Date: 10 Jan 09 | Comments (0)

Our Clan now has TeamSpeak!
Server I.P is
Thanks to WolfBurg-NL and Nero for making this possible.
All other info can be found here
Category: Teamspeak | Views: 558 | Added by: Tom | Date: 22 Dec 08 | Comments (1)

Happy Birthday to LUKEman
Mmm, I feel the clan should give you something but I don't really know what. Just add a comment saying Happy Birthday, that should be enough.
Category: Other | Views: 585 | Added by: Tom | Date: 22 Dec 08 | Comments (3)

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